A successful and patient-friendly hospital – Proven tips to improve your patient count

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#1 – A lesser waiting patient is a happy patient

Nobody likes to wait in long queues either it be at a hospital or a cinema hall. Everyone wants their work done instantly without any trouble. But when it comes to a clinic or hospital, waiting seems undesirable and makes the patient more uncomfortable. This can be solved with proper planning. All you need to do is provide the appointments based on the average time a patient spends at your hospital or clinic for consultation. Consider the time when he enters the hospital to the time he leaves the hospital. Make sure to provide a two-minute slot to gather the data of the upcoming consulting patient.

The easiest thing to carry this process is to use EMR / EHR. They provide you the added benefit of reaching the patient to provide them with the doctor’s notes and other important details and prescriptions. You need to have a highly skilled data entry operator who enters the data as quick as a cheetah.

#2 – Flexible billing options are always appreciated

Getting options to choose from never makes anyone unhappy. Surely they make the person to choose any of the options as per their requirement and convenience. This is similar when it comes to billing or payment. Instead of following the traditional method of providing a billing copy to the patient and making them stand in a line to collect the cash and clear their dues, you can modernize your processes. You can provide the option of making the payment through credit or debit cards. An online billing facility will help the patient or their concerned persons to make the payments at the peak of their convenience levels.

Pro tip: Add a billing gateway to your website to accept the payments online through credit cards, debit cards, online checking or through money wallets.

#3 – Upgrade your clinic to get on the top of the patient’s list

Do not stick to the old, grandfather aged pieces of equipment to treat the patients. Old is gold but not in every case. Adopt the latest possible technologies based on your location and the lifestyle of the people living in nearby areas. A digital thermometer and a digital or automatic Blood Pressure monitor can do a lot of things and create your image as an updated, modern and sophisticated healthcare provider.

#4 – “This hospital is YUCK!” – The biggest nightmare

A hospital or clinic should be much cleaner and tidy compared to any 5-star hotels. This shows the patient that you provide your services with utmost care and cleanliness. A dirty hospital even a bit drops a Yuck bomb out of the patient’s mouth. So beware!

#5 – Saying sayonara!

Goodbye to the patient should mean that “we care for you, we are always available for you and we will be obliged to serve you”. At the end of your consultation, ask the patients to contact you back in case of any queries or issues. Ensure to follow what you tell and make sure to deliver your words. Handover them the appropriate material like your visiting card or show the contact details on the prescription or any other note and ask them to feel free to discuss any required information regarding their treatment.

#6 – Advertising and marketing is the key to reach

Even the current number one spot holders require marketing and advertising to maintain their position at the top of the charts and they promote their brands through effective marketing & advertising processes. This is to ensure their awareness among the patients and other audiences looking for services similar to theirs. A good hospital marketing and advertising agency can help you elevate your patient count and standards of your organization by effectively representing your brand. Do consult the best marketing agency and advertise your brand to get noticed by the people and grab the new patient’s attention.

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