Telemedicine – The revolution in doctor consultation

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Have you ever got encountered with the word “Telemedicine”? Many of us have got to hear the word but are not familiar with the exact product.Here in this blog post, we are going to specifically discuss the various types of Telemedicine platforms, benefits and mainly its importance.

Telemedicine is an online platform that connects the doctor and patient through technology over a remote platform. With the use of webcams and microphones, the doctor and patient can communicate visually and exchange the information through audio means. It provides convenient and the most comfortable way to consult a doctor without actually traveling down to a clinic or a hospital. Apart from communicating, the doctor and patient can share files and information from both the ends.

Why can’t I use Whatsapp or Skype for Telemedicine?

The information shared between the doctor and the patient is considered to be more private and has to be carried out with utmost security. The social connecting apps like Whatsapp, Skype, etc., cannot be considered highly secure. The other point is that the apps are not designed to provide consultation. So they lack the minimum requirements that are essential when it comes to online doctor consultation, unlike the Telemedicine.

Benefits of Telemedicine:

There are various benefits when a doctor adopts the Telemedicine platform to carry out their practices. The following are the benefits of using Telemedicine compared to the traditional personal meet up for consultation:

•    Saves time and is the most convenient and comfortable way to consult a doctor

•    The doctor gets paid for phone calls and video consultation

•    Emergencies can be controlled to an extent on the spot

•    Easy to use and carries smooth consultations effectively

•    Safe and secure to share patient information and other files

•    The payment gateway is encrypted with higher security to enhance the reliability factor

•    Provides the doctors to balance their professional and personal times

•    The doctor’s prescription and notes can be obtained at the patient’s end electronically which can be downloaded and printed

•    Improves revenue to the doctors by eliminating the clinic rental and maintenance charges

Types of Telemedicine:

Telemedicine can be classified based on the options available at the platform. The following are the various types of Telemedicine platforms and their features:

•  Information system: This type of telemedicine is specially designed for doctors where they can connect with other doctors for references, suggestions, views and share the appropriate information.

•  Patient monitoring system: In crucial situations, there is a need for keen observation required for the patient. There is also a need to control the various equipment through which the patient is being controlled like a level of oxygen input, etc. In such cases, patient monitoring telemedicine platforms can be very useful. A doctor can keep a constant eye over the patient and monitor their health parameters remotely through such platforms.

•  Real-time Telemedicine: These are the regular Telemedicine platforms that carry video consultation through the means of the internet by connecting the doctor and the patient and share the information electronically.

Is there a need to Adopt Telemedicine?

A doctor may not be available every time. Being in the healthcare industry and balancing personal lives with professionals is nothing less than traveling in two boats at a time. The Telemedicine platform has more to offer than the time-saving factors. It provides a convenient way to consult a doctor in case of any emergency or just for a piece of advice.

In countries like India and other developing countries, there is a huge requirement for healthcare providers. In some places, the health standards are very low because of the lack of doctor-patient ratio. The Telemedicine platform helps a doctor to connect to the patients in remote areas and provide them the appropriate treatment.

Telemedicine can also be adopted as a replacement for consultation clinics to provide the most convenient and effective solutions.

Telemedicine by offers a sophisticated and updated Telemedicine platform. The Telemedicine platform by has been developed and designed by the top end developers and designers in collaboration with the doctors to make it an ideal one. The following are some of the significant factors of’s Telemedicine platform:

•  The Telemedicine connects the doctor and patient through the internet

•  The video consultation is carried out in a High Quality (HQ) format to complete the process as clear as possible

•  The doctors can share the prescription and notes through the platform which can be received at the patient’s end in an electronic format

•  Patients can share their test results and other reports from their end to the doctor’s

•  The information shared can be downloaded and printed

•  The platform is designed to deliver rich UI and UX

•  It is easy and simple to use and understand the Telemedicine platform by

The most important thing is that we provide the Telemedicine platform and modify them as per the client’s requirement. For more details about our Telemedicine and healthcare IT solutions, feel free to reach us at


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