Facebook – Convenient way to promote your hospital brand digitally

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Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms across the globe. With a wide network of people connected through the internet, Facebook is one of the best ways to make your healthcare brand projected world-wide. In the era of digital marketing, promoting your brand through Facebook can be fruitful. But the audience prefers a Facebook page with an appropriate amount of audience and likes on every post.

But now the question is how to promote your hospital or healthcare organization through Facebook?

So let us provide you some of the ways through which you can promote your healthcare brand through the social networking platform, Facebook. The information provided is in a step by step manner which allows you to understand the sequence clearly.

#Begin by creating a Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook business page is the main thing to be done to begin your hospital marketing campaign. Do not promote your hospital brand through a profile because the posts may not be visible to the audience as compared to the posts of a Facebook page. Create a page and fill in all the details like address, contact details, working hours, replying frequency, etc. Make sure to provide a simple and effective description that includes all the details about your services.

#Do not bore the audience from your posts

2 – 3 posts per day are far better than posting crap every hour. You should be very precise while posting on your hospital page regarding the message they provide. The posts should represent your organization or services. Apart from that, you may provide posts that provide any important news that may affect your patients.

Pro tip: Make posts during the times when you may predict there is a chance to target more audience. The 4 – 7 window will be great. Make the marketing-information ratio of your posts as 1:3.

#Mentioning a companion doctor is a 50 – 50 game

Beware of mentioning or tagging your companion doctor in your posts. First, get to know and think that what will be their reaction to the post. If they might react in a friendly manner, it is better to mention or tag them in certain posts at which they may express their views. Do not tag them in each post. This annoys the person and may disturb your page image. This also creates a chance of getting referred by them.

#Facebook ads can make you appear on more screens!

You can promote your Facebook page by sponsoring them. This allows your posts to appear on more screens compared to the normal viewing capacity. Other options available as “boost post” can also be adopted to improve the post’s performance. You can set the option to target a specific region by setting the location parameters.

Pro tip: Make sure to include all the keywords and form the content as per SEO guidelines. This will increase the chances of improving your post’s performance.

#Hashtags can help you appear in searches

Appropriate hashtags may help you appear in the searches based on the keywords entered by the user. The searches prefer the title and then go with the hashtags to provide the results. Do not include a heap of hashtags in your post. Just include the corresponding hashtags that go with the post. It would be better to write down all the hashtags and provide posts in which you may able to include all the hashtags.

Pro tip: Follow the latest hashtags in healthcare and your profession. Provide the appropriate post and include the trending hashtags.

#Improve the traffic by asking your network recommendation

You may at least have a network of 50 people who may use Facebook and have an active account at it. Ask them to like and follow your page by expressing your views on why they should do it. You should tell them the benefits and the information they can get from your page. Do not force everyone to like your page. Ask the other pages on Facebook to share your page. Getting your page shared on an already popular page will allow the users to trust your brand and like or follow your page.

Facebook marketing is one of the important aspects of Digital Marketing. If you are looking for any information regarding healthcare digital marketing or looking for such services, please let us know at info@hospitalsuccess.com.


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