Growing your practice with references - The two sides of referring to your professional medical colleague

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Referring to a professional colleague is proved to be more beneficial in terms of doctor marketing in the field of healthcare. A hospital or doctor's growth can get boosted when another doctor refers him to their patients. But do you know the effects of a reference? The more positive it sounds, the darker it might affect your reputation.

Let us discuss the positive and negative effects of referring to a professional colleague in detail.


The proper way of referring a doctor:

The proper way of referring a doctor to the patient is very crucial as it may affect you and the referred doctor’s image. It’s a matter where you need to be very careful. The right way to refer a doctor is to first know the patient’s problem. Then consider all your connections who have their expertise in such cases. Then provide them the appropriate doctor’s details. Make sure you choose the right person for the job as it involves consideration of more than one specific point like the lifestyle of the patient, their location, etc. Also, make sure that you provide appropriate information about the referred doctor like their contact details and address.

Pro tip: Do not over appreciate the reference because it creates a negative image of your appreciation. Also, refer to the doctors who have expertise in another field other than you but should be exactly related to the patient’s problem.

The positive side of referring to a doctor:

We will discuss the two sides of referring to a doctor and their effects. Let us discuss the positive side first.

When you refer a doctor in an ideal way, you will get appreciated for the work along with the other doctor. This will gain your image the sufficient marketing boost through the mouth-to-mouth process and will improve your patient count. Another advantage is that the other doctor who got referred also promotes you and provides your reference to the other people looking for the services.

Pro tip: Make sure you have given a minimum number of your visiting cards to the doctors for reference purposes. Do not ask everyone to refer you because it will seem like you are dying hard without patients at your clinic.

The negative side of referring to a doctor:

The negative side may occur in many situations like if you refer the wrong person, or have provided their wrong contact details or the other doctor messes up the patient. This will create a negative image of the doctor as well as the referred professional. This will leave you feeling sorry about it. Once a negative image about your profession is created, this will affect your present patient count as well as your future new patients.

So beware of the consequences and make sure you refer the right doctor to the patients.

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