Improve patient experience – Tips to help you get recognized as a patient-friendly hospital

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Patient experience and feedback are considered to be important in any commercial field. This provides information regarding the organizations’ performance and their effectiveness. This also allows organizations to improve their performances and implement strategies and methods to overcome their faults.

Proper patient management can be achieved by concentrating on the things associated between your services and the patients' experience. Apart from this, you need to keep an eye on the overall patient treatment beginning right from facing the patient's call to completing the patient’s after consultation process.


Patient experience:

Patient experience refers to the satisfaction of the patient with their healthcare service providers. This doesn’t simply mean to have a smiley face and spend more time with the patients. It is how you treat your patient? The type of attention, respect, and efficiency involved in your services. It is similar to the customer service where the customer expects to solve all their issues in one reach.

Now coming back to the topic, the following are the tips to follow to provide the top-level patient experience apart from your healthcare services.


#Answering the phone call

Answering a phone call in a right manner means providing effective information to the person on the other side. This means you need to have a person assigned to do a specific job without any distractions because nobody likes to speak to a person who is speaking to someone else holding the phone in his hand. The other important thing is that answering the phone call until its last ring may annoy the person waiting to reach you. Do not make it a habit because nobody likes waiting. You need to be very particular about answering the patient’s queries. Do not dump whatever comes to your mouth.


Listen carefully, understand effectively, respond quickly and answer clearly!


#Maintain a clean healthcare environment

A dusty waiting area makes the patient suffocate. Similarly, if you have a whole untidy healthcare organization, then the patients will get repelled by coming to your hospital and lets them choose the competitors’ services. Apart from the dust and grime, a messy reception counter, soaps or towels missing in the bathrooms, a stinky odor will do the same and will leave no chance to disappoint the patients or their attendants. All these small issues may add up to a giant disaster and the patient may explode with disappointment. Make sure to assign a person who can clean the hospital effectively and timely to maintain constant cleanliness.

#Being with the patient

Being with a patient means providing the appropriate attention to them. This is not just limited to the consulting time but applies for post-consultation. You need to follow up with the patient in a friendly way to ask them about their recovery and provide them the required help. Once a patient is recovered, ask them to provide feedback regarding your healthcare services. Do not ask for feedback when the patient is ill and do not call them very frequently to avoid annoying them.

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