Digital marketing myths – 4 misconceptions in internet marketing

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Digital marketing is the new age marketing which has been proven to be more effective compared to traditional marketing. The visibility ratio is comparatively higher and audience targeting is quite refined when it comes to digital marketing. Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations can adopt digital marketing techniques and conduct campaigns. The healthcare digital marketing is not exactly similar as compared to digital marketing in other fields but also, on the other hand, it is not rocket science. You need to understand the basic requirements and also design a way to improve your online visibility as well as get effective prospects.

Most people misunderstand the necessities and have various misconceptions. I will tell you about the 4 major myths that have been in people’s minds when it comes to healthcare digital marketing.


Myth 1: Multiple platform promotion is not required


This is false. Digital marketing through as many platforms as possible increases your online visibility and improves your boosting rate. Considering social media, search engine, mobile apps, etc., can make you appear on more screens and increase the number of audiences.


Myth 2: Content is not important


Most people underestimate the power of content. Content is considered to be the backbone in the internet or digital marketing because it is the only parameter that makes your way in the search results other than the media. For example, if you have the keyword as “best hospital service provider” with appropriate density, whenever a person searches with similar words, you may have a higher chance of appearing in the search results. Keeping appropriate content and keywords in your meta-tags, permalink, hashtags, etc., makes you visible more frequent based on the related searches.


Myth 3: Targeting specific person is impossible


If you have a list of people who may be interested in your services, you need to specifically reach them through the possible platform to gain their attention. Many of us think that it is almost impossible to target a specific person in digital marketing but it is not true. You can choose email marketing in this case. You need to write an email template and change the recipient details and make some other simple changes in your text in the email. In this way, you can target the customers personally.


Myth 4: You need to be a techie to perform digital marketing campaigns


Most think digital marketing is a job that can only be handled by digital marketing professionals. This is true and also false. If a digital marketing professional conducts digital marketing campaigns, he may have quality lead generation. This is because of his ways of performing the digital marketing processes which are based on his experience. A new person may not achieve the same goals but this does not mean that a new person to the digital marketing field cannot do digital marketing. Instead, we can say that he may not perform digital marketing campaigns more effectively.


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