Review – How to face reviews for your healthcare services?

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In current times, Google search is the first and foremost thing a person would perform when it comes to a topic about which he or she is unaware of. If we are talking about a particular service provider, a person will go through their respective platforms either it is their website, Google business account, etc. The main thing they will be noticing is going to be the “Review” section. Now here comes the sensitive point. A review section has the power to attract the patient and increase their interest in your services or make them go for the next option.


Apart from Google, some various platforms and websites provide a review of particular fields on the internet to educate people regarding a particular product or service.

Let us discuss in detail regarding the review and its importance.


What is a review?


A review is in a written format that expresses the experience, feedback, and suggestions of a person regarding the services and products of a particular provider. The review is provided by the users or the patients (here in this case) who have previously experienced the services or used the particular product.

How is review an important factor to be considered in healthcare?


A review is a crucial factor to be considered, not only in healthcare but in any field. It describes the satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels of a patient and the issues, if any, faced by him or her. Since most people choose a service provided after researching them on the internet, the first thing they are going to consider is the review of the patients who have visited your healthcare organization.

At some platforms like Google, the users get a chance to rate the services of a provider in the form of stars which are a maximum of 5. The average rating is provided below the name of your organization.


Reviews help us to know about the loopholes in our healthcare services. A good healthcare provider should overcome the loopholes in their services by taking it positively and try not to repeat the same thing.


Answering a review:

Answering a review is not a simple task because you might not get praised always for your services. Sometimes you have to accept your mistakes even if that has happened unintentionally.


The best way to answer a review is by mentioning the reviewer’s name in it. This makes the person think that they have been specifically considered. Thank them for their review, express your gratitude to them for choosing your services and make sure to express the message of being available for them.


Example: Linda has positively reviewed HS Healthcare. The following is the review and the kind of reply you can give to it.

Review: Extremely satisfied with the HS Healthcare provider services. The hospital staff is very friendly, warm and supportive!


Answer: Thanks a lot Linda for taking out time to review us. We are obliged to serve you and thank you again for choosing us. Hope you stay healthy and we are there to look after your health.

In case you have received a bad review, you need to accept the mistake first and apologize for it. Also, mention that you consider their review and will take the possible appropriate action.

Example: James has reviewed about MJ diagnostic center regarding the cleanliness of the place in a negative manner. The following is James’ review and you should answer the review in the following way.

Review: Dissatisfied with the MJ diagnostic center. The sample collecting equipment is not clean. I doubt their hygiene levels!


Answer: Hello James. We apologize for the bad experience at our diagnostic center. It must have been an unwanted situation as we make sure to maintain high hygiene levels at our diagnostic center. We would like to know more about the problem you have faced to take appropriate action and make sure to avoid it in the future.


I hope the above-explained methods of answering a review will help you to encounter both positive and negative situations. We would like to suggest you hire a content writer for such works as they are professionals and provide you the right content to answer any kind of review.

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