Healthcare Marketing Strategies – 10 Considerations To Gain Brand Recognition and Patients

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With a revolution in technology, marketing has taken a techie turn with massive changes. One of the significant changes includes the inclusion of Digital Marketing. With such changes, healthcare marketing has become much more creative. A perfect marketing strategy provides you with the expected results in terms of brand image, recognition, audience reach, and the right boost for your business.

A marketing strategy should involve two or more sectors of marketing to reach a significant number of audiences. For example, you need to make a perfect combination of various marketing techniques like offline marketing, branding, internal & external marketing, internet marketing (digital marketing), etc. Do not forget public relations as it plays a significant role in building your network.

You need to consider the following 10 points to target the audiences on all the platforms and create an effective marketing wave to promote healthcare brand:

1. Neglecting offline marketing in healthcare is a poor choice

Marketing the field by physically reaching the audiences and explaining them about your healthcare brand with the use of brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, and other collateral marketing materials is known as offline marketing, AKA traditional marketing. Traditional or offline marketing is still active.  A printed piece of paper with eye-catching design and compelling content will make the reader go through it and interest them in knowing more.

2. Be consistent in promoting your healthcare brand

Every healthcare provider believes that they are different from the similar discipline providers in the market. But does your patient know about this? For the patients, generally, all the doctors providing related services are not much different. You need to explain the patients regarding the unique features of your services and what makes you different from the other providers. Check your unique qualities to strengthen your brand name. The unique attributes of your healthcare brand may lie in anywhere in your services or infrastructure. You can explain about the technology you use, patient treatment, the location of your hospital or clinic, the specialty & experience of the doctors at your healthcare organization, etc.

Your unique qualities and specialties will help the patients remember your brand name. These factors will help you in maintaining the consistency in promoting your brand by explaining the essential differences a patient can experience during their treatment.

3. Develop a responsive website rich in UI and UX

In the times of the internet being accessible to most of the population, you need to have a robust online presence. Mainly, your hospital website acts as a front door for the patient to have a look through your services and hospital. UI and UX refer to the terms User Interface and User Experience, respectively. A website rich in UI and UX provides enough information to the users in a secure navigating manner.

In times of fast food, fast transportation and everything becoming faster, a user will lack their interest if your website loads for a more extended time and will not hesitate to go for the next option in such cases. So, make sure to develop your healthcare website highly responsive and rich in UI and UX.

4. Optimizing webpages will help you appear in SERPs

If you have a healthcare website that does not appear in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), then there is no use if your site. According to statistics, 90% percent of the users on the internet reach a website or web page through performing search operation at various search engine platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. A user is most likely to perform a search operation even if they know the exact URL address of a website to narrow down the landing page. So, make sure to optimize your healthcare website with appropriate keywords, descriptions, tags, etc., to mark your presence on the internet and appear in SERPs.

5. Internet marketing through display Ads and PPC helps you rank on top of the list

The PPC (Pay Per Click) is an online marketing method which mainly appears on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. In this method, a user can post ads to corresponding keywords that are related to their business with a proper landing page.

For example, if you are a dental service provider having a website, you can place your ad on the search engine through a bidding process for appropriate keywords. You can include the most predictable search terms like best dental services, dental services near me, etc., and can narrow down the sequence of appearance using the filters to target a specific location, age group, etc.

Similarly, the display Ads will appear on the popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

The main advantage of display Ads and PPC is that you need to pay the specific amount for clicks. The advertisement cost will not be included to view your ad. This means, the amount will get debited only when a user performs a click-operation.

6. Use social media as a tool to connect and educate

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., are a great source to communicate with people worldwide. Having a page or account at such social media platforms will help to boost your online presence and reach a more massive amount of audience. But make sure to connect with the people in a well-versed manner.

Maintain your social media accounts active by making at least three posts a week. It will help you remain on the walls or feeds of the user. Another popular social media platform, LinkedIn, is a great way to connect with the businessmen and professionals. You can improve your communication with them and ask for referral marketing.

7. Follow up with patient reviews and feedback

For any organization, especially in healthcare, patient review and feedback plays an important role.  Negative criticism and feedback, unnoticed, will result in losing the patient’s trust and degrading your brand image. Another side of such reviews and feedback is that you get a chance to improve your services and correspondingly your healthcare brand image.

Make sure respond with appropriate action and message that presents you in a manner that you consider the patient views. Tell them that you will keep striving to improve the patient experience and cut down any inconveniences that have previously experienced in the future. Be confident, and never hesitate to apologize!

8. Stay connected with current patients

When discussing marketing, how can we forget the most critical aspect, “word-of-mouth.” It is the most powerful marketing tool that will help your healthcare organization grow. Your current patients should not be limited to providing the treatment. Instead, follow up with them to know about the improvement in their wellness and tell them that your healthcare services are always open for them. It builds the patient’s trust in your brand and will correspondingly lead to the “word-of-mouth” marketing.

9. Have a competent front office or desk

A front office or desk is the first point of beginning the patient interaction. It is the point where you deliver your first impression on the patient. Having unwelcoming, and untrained front desk staff will lead you to lose patients. Make sure to work on the patient hold times while answering a call, avoid confusion or misinformation, appointment scheduling system, and other operations carried at the front desk.

10. Planning leads to effective execution

It does not matter if you are following an amateur or proven marketing strategy unless you have done a proper plan to execute the whole process. On the other hand, lack of planning will leave the expected or unexpected problems to affect the marketing campaign results leading to a substantial decrease in the Return of Investment (ROI). A piece of expert advice will help you counter such situations and execute your marketing process smoothly.

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