Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - A Convenient Medical Staffing Solution

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Hospital staffing or healthcare staffing is a major issue of every healthcare organization. A healthcare professional not only offers his/her services but also represents the healthcare organization and its performance affects the brand image. With a lot of disciplines and specialties involved in the healthcare sector, it becomes a hard-to-do task.

“By improving recruiting and hiring, an organization places the right people in the right positions, creating an environment where everybody wins: employees are happier, management is more effective, and executives hit their numbers and the organization overall is better positioned for success” - Younger

To encounter this problem, we, at HospitalSuccess have researched about the staffing issues through interviews, blogs, analytics, etc. that helped us to understand even the minor problems that are being encountered by the healthcare organizations. This led us to design a flexible, robust, and client-friendly staffing solution exclusively to the healthcare organizations, “Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)”.

Before you wonder what is RPO and why you should adopt it, let me explain to you everything in detail.

What is RPO?

RPO is an abbreviated form for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. In simple words, RPO is a long-term staffing service provided by a recruitment or staffing agency to the concerned partners/clients. The term of the RPO may vary depending upon the client’s requirement right from a quarter to a couple of years.

How RPO is different than regular or general staffing?

Healthcare organizations used to hire through the three recruiting options that are:

·  Internal Recruiting: Requires an in-house HR team that is responsible to recruit and manage all the staff members of the healthcare organization.

·  Staffing Agencies: They help in short-listing the candidates and providing healthcare organizations with huge candidates’ data.

·  Contract Recruiting: The contract based recruitment plan will provide recruitment services and refill the vacant positions for a smaller mentioned time.

Now coming to the main drawbacks of all the recruitment options, the following are the main hurdles:

·  Refilling the vacant position charges you repeatedly

·  Disturbs the organization’s performance with an open position for a bit longer time

·  Lack of cost-effectiveness

·  Inefficient recruitment processes

·  Lack of Talent Acquisition

RPO, Recruitment Process Outsourcing brings scalability to the process and variability into the cost that leads to effective hiring without burning your pockets. RPO engagements can be structured and priced based on your hiring needs that lead to providing you a flexible solution to all your recruitment requirements. This makes the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as a strategic partnership that brings additional value-added benefits of managing employee relations, training, payroll, compensation, and benefits, in addition to hiring and recruiting.

Why should you adopt RPO?

The following are the reasons that will help you understand the necessity and the advantages of adopting Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services:

Analyzed Planning: At HospitalSuccess, we work with our clients, beginning the process by forecasting our client’s staffing needs and plan the necessary resources to respond to these needs, which help in achieving their business goals.

Significant Marketing: We make sure to market our client jobs through job boards, social media, referrals, and networking to drive candidate exposure to jobs. It will also help in marketing the employer’s brand and correspondingly improve brand visibility & recognition.

Talent Acquisition: Recruiting various healthcare professionals, right from the nurse to the highly-specialized surgeon requires various HR professionals to recognize the right fit to your requirement. We also engage future potential talent through talent communities, talent pipelines, and source candidates in advance to make sure they have the core skills, competencies, and motivators to do the job.

Candidate Management: Candidate Management is very important as it is reflected on your employer brand. RPO helps in managing candidate experience, whether they are being interviewed, hired, or considered for the job as well as their payroll management.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, HospitalSuccess’ RPO solutions can bring an array of benefits including:

·  Managing hiring fluctuations throughout the year

·  Reducing total recruiting cost

·  Eliminates dependency on staffing agencies

·  Improving hiring manager satisfaction

·  Reducing time-to-fill

·  Elevating employment brand

·  Improving candidate experience

·  Simplifying or streamlining the hiring process

·  Saving time for other duties among other benefits

Even though you might have heard about RPO services offered by other recruitment agencies, there is a significant change when it comes to comparison with HospitalSuccess’ RPO services. HospitalSuccess offers customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services exclusively to the healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics, medical colleges, and research centers, diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical companies, and other healthcare requirements. We make sure to design and execute our dedicated healthcare RPO services that will help our clients with enhanced recruiting effectiveness and gives an organization a competitive advantage.

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