Advanced Diagnostic Center Marketing Methods To Attract New Patients

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Most of the advertisements or marketing material you see regarding a laboratory or diagnostic center mainly focuses on the charges or expenses factor. Though the expense or charge factor is essential, this does not mean that you should keep your marketing content or strategy revolving around it. Marketing a laboratory or diagnostic center should not always revolve around a single point.

With everyone connected through the Internet, the consideration for comfort and convenience levels has been rapidly increasing. You can consider these factors and, most importantly, the patient engagement one to market your diagnostic center effectively. This technique will probably improve your reputation as a laboratory or diagnostic center more than the typical newspaper advertisement, or marketing processes would do.

With this post, I would be providing you with tips on how to market your laboratory or diagnostic center's business without burning a hole in your pocket. Take note and get ready to build that much-wanted brand awareness for your laboratory or diagnostic center!

Internal Marketing (WoM):

The word-of-mouth from current patients and current employees is considered to be the best practice of marketing. WoM is also known as internal marketing, and it is considered to be very useful. The easiest way is to treat your employees well, who, in return, keep your patients satisfied. With just these two together can do what is required the most for your laboratory or diagnostic center marketing.

Patient Engagement through Social Media:

According to research, 3.8 Billion people out of 7.5 Billion have regular access to the Internet. It includes the number of people active on the social media platforms. Since there are numerous social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., are most commonly used around the globe.

These virtual platforms can help you reach the patients or perspectives through engaging posts. Share useful tips on social media to keep them interested, but don't forget to include 20% of the content to promote your services.

A website rich in UI & UX:

The most powerful tool these days is the Internet. You can get the required information, access various details and platforms, contact people, get connected with healthcare professionals, etc., with the help of the Internet anytime and from anywhere. So, the first thing that any patient would do is search online and looks for the official website link in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Once they find the appropriate link, they will visit your website to understand your practice, services, and, most importantly, for 'reviews.'

To fulfil this requirement, you need to prioritize the fact about building a website that responds to the patient's or client's queries. Provide them with the appropriate information about your lab.

Pro tip - focus on providing useful health information like preventive care and ways to live a healthy life by including a blog section on your diagnostic center or laboratory's website. It will make the patients understand that you care for them and will help in making you the trusted health partner.

Optimization – SEO and SMO:

SEO and SMO refer to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Optimization, respectively. It is a kind of technique that comes under the Digital Marketing Section to optimize your web pages and posts in a way that they appear at a designated place in the search results. You can select the organic or the paid method to make your web page or social media post appear on top of the search results list.

Pro tip – Include proper keyword and hashtags that corresponds with your website and social media posts and collide with your medical or healthcare services.

Upgrade Patient Experience:

Patient Experience is a crucial factor in maintaining your brand in the propriety list of the patients and perspectives. When a patient is provided is with utmost comfort and convenience, they are not only satisfied and return to choose your services when required but also recommend you to others in need.

To improve the patient experience, you need to make their visit experience comfortable, simple, and as stress-free as possible. With the help of convenient options like patient platform, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), billing solutions, etc., you can streamline the stressful processes and improve the patient experience from the registration counter to the ultimate collection of reports.

Billing solution, Patient platform, and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can be linked easily to your diagnostic center's website. They allow the patients to make their bill payments and manage their health information online.

I hope you got the information to implement new ways of marketing your diagnostic center. For more information about diagnostic centers management and staffing, send us your queries through an email at For diagnostic centers’ management services like marketing, advertising, and staffing, as well as designing & developing software for your diagnostic centers or laboratories like website, patient portal, billing solutions, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), etc., contact HospitalSuccess or visit


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