Quick Guide for Effective Doctor Marketing Techniques

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Marketing an individual is comparatively tougher than marketing an organization. Especially when it comes to Doctor Marketing, the major problem to be encountered is the availability of limited resources for promotion along with enormous competition. With such narrow possibilities, you need to present your healthcare brand in an efficient possible manner that not only conveys your message but also attracts new patients.


Here’s a quick set of points that are among proven Doctor Marketing procedures to help you promote and manage your healthcare or medical practices online as well as offline.


Manage and Optimize Your Presence on the Internet


Nowadays, your web presence is a major consideration for your brand recognition. While choosing a particular medical or healthcare service, the first thing a patient or their concerned person will do is perform a Google search. If you have a better online image and visibility compared to other healthcare providers, there are higher chances of choosing you. Follow the below points to improve your online visibility.

  • Develop a responsive, optimized, and mobile-friendly website rich in UI and UX perceptive
  • Implement best SEO practices to improve your ranking in search engines
  • Provide rich content explaining your practices to attract patients seeking specific procedures & services
  • Claim your local listings and register yourself in local directories
  • Start a blog to share helpful tips and information with your patients on your hospital/clinic’s website
  • Make use of the review sites to establish your online reputation
  • Respond to all the comments & reviews to show patients that you care about their opinion
  • Get patient testimonials to show them on your website or other platforms to reinforce your marketing messages

If you don’t have a website and have no idea regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we, at HospitalSuccess, can help you in developing an SEO optimized website with quality content that reflects a positive impact upon your brand image on the internet.


Uplift Patient Experience & Communication Levels


Managing your patients to provide them with a better experience should be every healthcare provider’s priority. Also, by improving your communication with current patients can make a lasting impression and will create an impact to recommend you to their friends and family who need your services. 

  • Focus on providing quality care to retain current patients and attract new patients through word-of-mouth
  • Use email to stay in touch with your patients regularly, send newsletters, and give out health tips to show patients you care about their health
  • Send out appointment and other reminders to remind patients
  • Use modern healthcare technologies like EHR, Patient Portal, Billing Solutions, etc., to provide an easy accessing way for patients
  • Conduct patient surveys and ask for their reviews to identify areas that need improvement

Implement Advertising & Media Techniques


Creating online pages and profiles is not simply enough to make your brand stand on top in this competitive world. Advertising and media efforts are a great way to take your medical marketing to the next level. It will help you promote your brand to the patients or audiences who may not have heard of you through online searches or word-of-mouth. 

  • Focus on the positive sides of your services
  • Produce pamphlets, brochures, and other marketing material to provide information to the patients about your procedures and services
  • Provide care packages and similar items with your brand name on it to patients to reinforce your brand and provide useful items
  • Do not forget offline advertisements by sending out press releases, etc.
  • Run a paid search campaign, optimize your landing pages for ads including the marketing and advertising processes on social media
  • Request other medical professionals to refer your healthcare brand
  • Get on YouTube to share videos, contribute to a publication (print or online), do local news interviews to share advice and expertise with local patients
  • Show off your expertise and research by getting them published in medical journals
  • Get involved in your community, including the online LinkedIn platform

HospitalSuccess provides effective, result-oriented, cost-effective and ROI determined marketing and advertising services that will promote your brand through creative and innovative campaigns that boost and build your brand improving its recognition and visibility.

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