Healthcare Marketing – The Must-Have Printed Marketing Materials

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Healthcare marketing through printed marketing materials is crucial in making a good impression. But the best-printed marketing pieces that are well designed combining fonts, colors, and themes can work to convince the readers. Another factor is the quality of your printed materials. If your printed marketing materials are low in terms of quality, readers will assume the same about your products or services. Investing in a convincing and quality print content for marketing will provide you with higher ROI for your efforts.

Let us begin with what marketing materials are.

What is Printed Marketing Material?

Marketing materials are the items used for communicating with your customers. Printed marketing materials include business cards, brochures, catalogs, etc.

Points to Consider:

The following are the points you need to consider if you are planning to promote your healthcare brand through printed marketing materials:

·  Quality is the priority

·  Research about the buyer’ persona of the targeted area or location

·  Think about the prospects’ queries that come to their minds once they see your material

·  Break the information to avoid bombarding it at a single section

·  Choose or design the right theme that goes accordingly with your message

·  Keep the content as simple and informational as possible

·  Infographics can be used to merge the content and images

·  Design the content in the form of sales funnel that provides more information as consumers get closer to purchasing or taking another action.


Types of Printed Marketing Materials you must have:

1.  Business Cards

The worst answer when someone asks if you have a card is “No”. Do not underestimate the business cards as they are extremely powerful when implemented correctly. A quality business card will ensure potential and returning customers have your information when they need it. When you hand someone a business card, it tells them that you are interested in serving them including an idea regarding your healthcare brand’s quality.

2.  Letterhead & Envelopes

Custom letterheads and envelopes printed on a quality paper create a sense of legitimacy to your patients & prospects and show them that you pay attention to detail in all aspects of your healthcare business. While customizing a letterhead make sure that it reflects your brand accurately and possess the capability to convince them to go with your products.

3.  Presentation Folders

Providing your present patients and prospects with a stack of papers that include appropriate information regarding your healthcare products and services is a good way to promote your healthcare brand. There are numerous benefits of presentation folders right from attending an interview with your client or providing documents to your patients will help in getting your healthcare brand noticed by many eyes. Presentation folders also serve to boost morale since your customers and employees feel your brand is more established and universal.

4.  Brochures

A brochure allows you to have a much more in-depth conversation with the audiences through print. A brochure to a business is like fuel to a vehicle. It is the most cost-friendly way to promote your healthcare services and products. Brochures provide your patients and prospects with more detailed information about your healthcare brand. Apart from this, you can use brochures in various situations like while attending seminars, events, etc.

5.  Thank You Cards

Thank you cards or get well soon cards along with your other marketing materials is an ultimate gesture of gratitude and helps in connecting with your patients. It also helps in winning the patient’s trust to improve the chances of Word-of-Mouth marketing. Other than patients, you can use thank you cards and hand them over to your business clients after meetings.

The above mentioned printed marketing materials are the must-haves for a healthcare or medical service provider to promote your healthcare brand through printed mediums. Effective marketing through the printed media will help in attracting new patients with an improved ROI. But choosing the right person to get designing and printing is a tough job to do in this competitive world.

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