Hospital Staffing Problems – Difficulties Faced By HR In Healthcare

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Human Resource Management is a tough job and becomes tougher when it comes to managing healthcare staff. Employees at healthcare organizations like hospitals, clinics or diagnostic centers not only assist doctors and patients but also plays a major role in patient experience management. A skilled employee can deliver patients with a better experience by interacting with the patients in a supportive manner and showing care towards them. This can be achieved by having adequate staff that operates in a pleasant and motivated manner to complete their tasks efficiently.

Here comes the role of HR Department. The Human Resource Department is responsible to recruit and manage the staff members of an organization. But due to competition in the healthcare field either it is in terms of organizations or recruitment and employee management.

After a lot of research and interviewing the leading HR Managers, VP HRs etc., serving the healthcare field, I have found that they all have almost similar problems. The following are the most common difficulties that are being faced by the HR specifically managing the staff of a healthcare organization:

1.  Candidates Shortage

Getting the skilled candidate as per the requirements is a tough job. With heavy competition, it might seem that when you post a vacant position at a job search platform, your inbox might flood up with the resumes of the concerned professionals. But when it comes to finding the right fit, all the overhyped resumes will get shortlisted to a very small number and sometimes to a single-digit number. It is a huge problem that gets noticed when the candidate is screened for an interview by an experienced talent acquisition professional. This is the reason that recruiting the right medical professional takes much time compared to other professionals hiring.

2.  Lack of Budget

The management provides HR with a budget that has to be used effectively for recruitment. But sometimes, the problem exists when the budget goes beyond the provided limit because of the requirements. Finding the right candidate based on the given considerations and budget is not only a difficult task but also takes more than the average recruitment time.

3.  Employee Burnout

Employee burnout is the most common problem faced by almost 35% of healthcare organizations. The employees may present themselves active and dedicated about their professions during the interview but slowly burnout either due to personal or professional reasons. As far as professional reasoning is concerned, employee burnout comes from stress, pressure, etc. This creates a huge negative impact on the employees’ performance causing a disturbance in your healthcare organization’s environment.

4.  Attendance & Payroll Management

Managing employee working hours and days manually is a complicated task as it involves consideration of various formulas to cope up with deductions and incentives. But with the help of a software that notes down all the data, calculates payroll and disburses the salaries on time the process becomes easier.

5.  Training & Development

With the development in technology, types of equipment and the processes in the healthcare and medical sector are getting modernized rapidly. The employees who lack the knowledge about the latest procedures cannot handle the machinery. This problem can be solved by providing the employees with the added benefits of training and development that help them to cope with the present situation. Training and development help the employees in improving their skills and nurture their talent.

Considering the above five major problems faced by Human Resources, HospitalSuccess has come up with a solution that minimizes them to null. We have developed a customized staffing solution and named it HospitalSuccess’ Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Service. Through RPO, staffing and payroll management services that are designed as per your requirements and are offered specifically to the healthcare or medical organizations like hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, medical colleges, etc., for an assigned time as per the contract.

HospitalSuccess’ RPO helps in on-boarding the medical or healthcare professional for the vacant position at your healthcare organization is less time at a cost-effective CTC. To know more about healthcare staffing and our RPO services, send us an email at


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