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Over time, social media has created an enormous change while connecting people to sharing valuable information. Sometimes a good joke too. In current days, almost everyone who has access to the internet has an account at least at a single social media platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are some of the commonly used social media platforms around the globe. The user rate has been increasing since they are accessible. It has created a new opportunity for all the businesses, including healthcare and medical, to reach the audience more effectively and quickly.

Since everyone is utilizing the power of social media, creating a page and keeping it posted has become the common task of brand marketing and promotion. To kick-start your image and give it a boost, you need to do something different that is not so common.

In this article, we will be discussing the modification of your social media image to reach a higher number of audiences. You can improve the audience count through free (organic) and paid (inorganic) means. Please go through the full article to set your social media image.

Free Social Media Marketing:

It is the organic form of marketing and does not involve any need for payments. Let us understand the process with an example:

To market your hospital brand on social media, you need to create the pages or accounts. Optimize your social media accounts by providing the right information in the fields of contact, about, and any other info. It would be best if you chose the right keywords that need to be a part of your posts with appropriate density. Hashtags are to be included in your every post to modify the searches. Including the right hashtags like #BestHospital #AffordableHealthcareServices, #PhysicianInChicago can bring you to the list when a person searches for similar services. It would help if you do not over-do any part of the post, either it is the content or the number of hashtags. Keep it Simple and Short.

If you choose to adopt this method, it time to reach the right amount of audience is unpredictable. Your healthcare profile may rank over-night, or it may take months to overcome the competition. Another main disadvantage is that your posts reach the audiences who have liked or subscribed to your healthcare pages. You cannot target the audience based on their search histories.

Paid Advertising:

It is the inorganic method of promoting your healthcare brand. Let us understand with an example.

Suppose you have your healthcare organization’s page on Facebook. Once you make a post, Facebook suggests you with an option to boost it by paying a specific amount to reach a ranging number of audiences. You can expand the posts by paying the amount. Facebook targets the users based on their search histories and shows them the post with a word included right below your name as “sponsored.” The ads appear as posts on the users’ wall.

Adopting social media ads is the best way to promote your healthcare brand on digital media. The audience reach is proportional to the amount you pay. The higher the amounts, the number of audiences see your ad. The main advantage of this method is that you can rank for a specific term of keyword over-night (till you have your ads balance left).

I hope you got a rough idea about promoting your healthcare brand through digital media. To know more about Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing & Advertisements, keep visiting our blogs and stay updated with the latest tips to promote your healthcare brand. To know about our Digital Marketing and Social Media Management (SMO, SMM) services, send us an email at


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