Emerging technologies in healthcare 2019

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Electronic Health Records – EHR:

                Electronic Health Record, simply known as EHR, is the new way to save, share and access patient related information. This software allows the users to save the documents like prescriptions, test reports, bills, medications, doctor’s notes etc. These details can also be shared with concerned people right through the software. Such software allow the users to create their accounts and save the corresponding data to it. This information can be accessed online or offline based on the type of the software.

                Some of the EHRs allow the users to track down their medication. Most of the EHRs provide the test results and reports through the app. This makes the users to track their health levels and take respective steps to improve the stats.

                The major advantages of choosing Electronic Health Records are:

·         It saves time as the EHRs can be accessed anytime and from anywhere

·         The EHR can be a convenient source to get your test results can be received through the software

·         The EHR are secure enough and allows you to share the data if required

·         The EHRs can be operated through web by entering the website address or through mobile apps

Bill payment software:

                The most challenging part being to a hospital is making a bill payment. This might take a lot of time and may exhaust you. Due to this reason, a lot of companies came up with their payment solution software. These software can be accessed through web or through mobile apps. The payment through such payment platforms are mainly accepted through all the major credit cards, debit cards, online checking or banking.

The bill payment process through such platforms is very simple and easy. Most of the bill payment platforms have the same process. You need to enter some of the information available on your billing statement or invoice like account number or patient number and a special code. This will gather the billing details of the respective patient. Then you need to confirm the details sand provide the appropriate payment details based on the payment mode you have opted. Upon completion of a successful transaction, you will receive the transaction details whi8ch can be used as an evidence for bill payment. The bill payments can be done during any time and from anywhere.


Online consultation:

                Meeting the doctors in person just for a small advice seems a tough job to complete. But to get an appointment, you need to make calls or contact the clinic through any other possible mode. You may Google for a solution but for a customized advice, doctor consultation in indeed required. This is why, the developers have come up with a solution called as online consultation to save time and energy. In this case, the patient and the doctor meet at a digital platform either through video call or through chat irrespective of their locations. The patient and the doctor can discuss the problem and also about the required steps to be taken. After completing the consultation, the doctor can provide the prescription in a PDF format through email or any other possible means.

                If the consultation is a paid service, the patient can make the payment online by using credit cards, debit cards or through online banking prior or after the consultation.

Online medication management:

                Online medication management software allows the users to upload their prescriptions and order the required quantity. Once your prescription reaches its limit, you will be notified to refill them. You can place the order once again and the medicines will reach to your at your door step. This is the most simple and convenient way to keep the medicines stacked with respect to a particular month. Apart from this, the software also provides notifications for medicines doses and to refill them.

                There are many online medication management apps and platforms where the patients can register their accounts for free and access the available options. The medication management platforms can be directly accessed through web or through mobile apps.

                The above mentioned healthcare technologies are with regards to the patient. These software or platforms may create a huge difference in the current healthcare industry if used effectively and widely. We may also share the healthcare technologies for doctors in our future blog posts. So keep visiting the blog and feel free to drop a comment, query or feedback!


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