The role of the internet in improving patient experience

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 Getting reviewed and handling them:

Patient’s or the concerned person’s review plays an important role in getting to know about the levels of your services. The reviews also help you to take the required measures to cut out the loopholes in your services and make them modify them in a manner to improve the satisfaction of the patients.

You can provide an online platform where the patients or similar visitors can provide you with their reviews. Provide the sections to ask them about their experiences regarding your services, infrastructure, staff, other procedures, etc. Provide the content on the review platform such that it pleases the audience to provide a proper review. You can include the rating template. The explanation part may not be filled by many visitors as it may look time-consuming for them. Keep the process simple and easy and make sure to design it in a manner to get completed in a couple of minutes.

In case of any negative feedback, make sure to provide it the proper attention. Do not run away from it or ignore it and most importantly do not delete it. Face the patient’s concern and apologize for it. Tell them that necessary actions will be taken to improve the situation and avoid them in the future.

For example, here are the cases which create the corresponding impact on the person who has an issue regarding the staff behavior previously:

Review: Poor staff behavior

-    If your reply to this review as “Sorry but we have the best staff at our hospital”, it creates a native impact regarding your image and the patient will think it to be rude and expect similar behavior the next time.

-    If you reply to the review as “Thank you for the review and apologize for the inconvenience. We would like to hear in detail regarding the concern to take the appropriate measures and rectify the problem in future”. This will show the positive side of yours and will make the reviewer believe that you will solve the problem and respect his/her review.

So make sure to reply in a friendly and understanding manner and show that their review matters.

     Providing online access to medical reports:

The introduction of EHR (Electronic Health Records) provides great comfort and convenience to the patients and their concerned persons. It has been proved that the patients tend to opt for the services of a healthcare provider who provides quality convenience and comfort in their services. The EHR are the new age medical platform where the patients can access the data like make an appointment with the doctor, communicate doctor through text, get prescription in an electronic format, get doctor’s notes, etc. In the age of mobile phones and tablets and mobile electronic devices, it will be easy for a patient or their concerned person to access the data anytime and from anywhere.

       Providing education online:

Patients tend to believe a person who provides appropriate education regarding a particular problem, its countermeasures, its medication and treatment details, etc. Almost everyone in the present times has the accessibility to the internet and the blogs are currently referred to as the main source to get information regarding any topic. To facilitate your blog online, you need to create a website. Creating your website online will not only help you in publishing your blog online but also helps you to demonstrate your services effectively. This will also create your image as an updated healthcare provider.

Create your blog, publish timely posts regarding the present situations and problems. You need to provide the education regarding a concerned topic as brief as possible. You can also interact with the visitors through the comment section where the readers post their queries. Make sure to answer them properly without taking any longer times.

The methods mentioned above can be followed on an individual basis for better patient experience with the use of the internet. There are many other ways available, but these are the best and easy among all of them. Following these methods may increase your trust levels among the audience and may let them select your healthcare services. To take the patient management and experience to the next level, you can consult the best healthcare staffing and branding agency in order to achieve your goals.


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