Top 5 picks for an ideal hospital staffing

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1.       Make a list of your requirements

Making a list to execute any event helps you to complete the process efficiently and achieve your goals. This will help you in understanding and tracking down the skills and other qualities the person need to possess for the position.

Let us consider that you are looking to recruit a nurse at your hospital. You can include factors like experience, physical looks, communication skills, professional skills, work timings and compatibility, languages, etc.

Sample – Need a young, skilled and energetic nurse for a well-reputed hospital with 2-3 years of professional work experience. The candidate should be a graduated in nursing and should to know the local languages. Nurses with experience in the departments of Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ward, Labor OT and Labor Ward will be preferred. The right candidate will be provided with a competitive salary along with other benefits.

You can also post the ads online and mention the above considerations and requirements. The people interested in the position will approach you through their applications online. You can carry forward the process if you find the match resumes or applications.

Sometimes you may have to negotiate with the factors like experience because there might be some candidates available who possess more knowledge and exposure but are limited to the work experience. Do not hesitate in considering them. We would suggest you be careful while going through the applications!

2.       Finding the right fit

In the world full of professionals, it seems a bit difficult to find the right fit for the vacant position at your hospital. But this does not mean that it is impossible. There are some points which you can follow to find the perfect match for the position. Finding the data of the concerned professionals at a single place has never been easy. But all thanks to the online job search platforms which have created a bridge between the employer and the job seekers. Some of the platforms may include a filter to narrow down the search results and limit it to the medical or healthcare field.

Go through the major job search platforms and pull out the resumes of the professionals through keyword searches and based on the location. Approach the concerned persons through any possible means and get to know them. You can take the process further by meeting them in person through scheduling an interview.

3.       An interview to test the candidates

Interviews are the best ways to test the candidates and come out with the best results. You can test the skills and the behavior of the candidate through an effective interview process. You can look up on the internet to know about the interview processes and the questions needed to be asked regarding the profession. Make sure to test the candidate in terms of all the requirements and the factors you have considered for the role.

Sample interview questions:

- Know about the candidate by asking them to introduce themselves

- Ask them their strengths and weaknesses

- Ask the candidate regarding his previous work experience and the techniques he employs to handle and take care of the patient

You can find more questions and create an effective interview session by searching them on Google, YouTube, etc.

There might be some times when you may encounter two or more candidates suitable for the vacant position of one. In such cases, you may have to compare the candidates regarding their resume. This should help you in choosing the best and right candidate and counter the situation.

-          Friendly tip: Do not hesitate to provide feedback regarding the candidate’s performance and do not avoid them when they follow up regarding their application for the position. Face them in a friendly manner. You can also just end up the conversation by saying “Sorry! You are not the right fit or the candidate we have been searching for!”


1.      Training is an essential part

When you recruit a candidate, he may have a great experience but are not familiar with the local working conditions and the patients from the local regions. You need to provide him with appropriate instructions and training to deal with the patients and their attendants in an effective manner. You may also need to provide him brief details regarding the persons visiting your clinic and the processes need to be followed. Give him some time and track down his improvement and problem-solving skills. You need to provide him with the appropriate and practical time and guide him through this.

Training a medical professional is an essential part which should be carried out with utmost priority. This helps the employees to know the way the work is carried out by the specific healthcare provider, his treatment techniques and the involvement of the employee in them.

You can also motivate him by praising him about his progress. This will encourage him to perform way beyond his ability.

2.       Motivate, complain and praise

You need to blend in the proper mixture of the ingredients motivation, praising and complaining to make your employees dedicated to their work and perform their duties effectively.

For example, if the employee has performed all his duties accordingly and met his goals, you need to praise him for his work. You can praise them verbally, financially or through providing any recognition and rewards. This will help to boost the confidence in him and the desire to improve his performance.

Let’s talk about what if the employee has performed very poor? In this case, you need to make the employee realize their faults and warn them that these should not be repeated. Right after you warn them, make sure to provide appropriate points that highlight their previous excellent work. This will make the employee realize his fault without any negative effects. Make sure to tell them you have great expectations with them regarding the work. This works magically! The employee will try hard to not repeat this situation.

These employee recruitment and management tips will help you on an individual level. But in case you need to simplify the process, you can consult a hospital staffing agency or service provider who may help you complete the hiring process in no time. The hospital staffing companies will have enough data from the candidates. Based on the requirements you have provided, they will help you in getting the right person recruited for the job.


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