Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing

Collateral Marketing Material

Collateral Marketing Material is the collection of materials written, designed and used extensively to help the sales and marketing departments.

Brochures , Flyers & Leaflets

The most effective offline methodology is using and leveraging the print media materials such as brochures, flyers and leaflets to reach the intended audience.

Corporate Films

Corporate film or movies are increasing gaining traction all around the world, wherein organizations are creating videos to create awareness visually .

ATL & BTL Marketing

ATL (Above the Line) refers to the concept of marketing at macro level, intended to reach wider audience that includes, TV, Radio .

TV & Radio Marketing

The electronic media is extensively used by the healthcare industry to reach out to intended audience.

Workshops Marketing

Hospitals, clinics and even top diagnostics centres regularly organize seminars and workshops for multiple reasons and benefits.